Our Mission

We provide beauty solutions that are sustainable & help promote your natural beauty while encouraging you to live a well-balanced life.


Brow lamination has changed my life. It’s been part of my beauty routine since I was in high school and before it became more popular, it was always difficult to explain how I would achieve my look.

That is what sparked the idea of making my own brow lamination kit. I wanted to be able to share my ultimate beauty secret with my followers — a brow kit that you could do anywhere, anytime. That is how this brand started.

For the last year and a half, we have gone through multiple rebrandings and it has been a rollercoaster! Growth is always difficult but with a lot of help from an amazing team (and a lot of patience from our customers) I know that we are on the other side of the beginning of something bigger and better.

That means more Mixico Beauty products and endless possibilities for our brand. Thank you SO MUCH to all the amazing people who have supported my brand since the beginning. We have sold thousands of brow kits in the last 4 years and I hope that our products have provided an affordable and accessible way for you to transform your brows (at your convenience) and give you that extra boost of confidence every single day.