Brow lamination has changed my life. It’s been part of my beauty routine since I was in high school and before it became more popular, it was always difficult to explain how I would achieve my look.



A life saver!! Found her page on TikTok and decided to give her product a try. I have curly unruly eyebrows so I would get my brows professionally laminated but the cost was getting to me... Just arrived yesterday and I immediately tried it and OMG!!!! My eyebrows look professionally done!! So worth it!!



I have curly hair along with curly eyebrows so when I heard about this product I definitely wanted to try!

I love my results. My brows somehow look more “done” and yet totally natural at the same time and they really help pull the focus to my eyes.
10 out of 10!



Seriously so obsessed with this product! If you’re thinking about buying it, just do it ! It’s literally so easy to use , and you can get salon brows for way cheaper with this product! I have sensitive skin, but this product did not cause any redness or irritation! I’ve received so many compliments with my new brows, and seriously can’t wait to try it on others. Mixico Beauty is worth every penny!!



Absolutely the best product on earth, why didn’t I learn about this sooner. Best brow look ever! Safe product. Plus, this is a fabulous small business to support!!!



This is literally a brow saver!!!! It lasts forever, super easy to use & takes no more than 20 mins! It also comes with everything you need & instructions are easy to follow along. I definitely recommend!!